Case Study
Project Goal:
Create a website for a tattoo shop that inspires potential customers by showcasing artists and their work and provide a prominent and simple way to book an appointment.
My Role:
Lead UX Designer
User research, wire-framing, usability testing, prototyping, visual design
Research Conducted:
I conducted user interview with people thinking of getting their first tattoo and people who have many tattoos. I inquired about how they would choose a new tattoo, a tattoo shop, and/ or tattoo artist. I also conducted conversational research to understand what people were saying about their experiences at other tattoo shops.
Key Challenges:
There are numerous and highly personal routes people take to choose a tattoo that they want. This tattoo website tries to consolidate a person's searching by providing information about the shop's tattooists. It also provides a way for users to filter and explore tattoo images base on art style.
Initial Concepts
Results of User Testing
Most users were unclear about when they were during the booking process and wanted more reassurance on the confirmation page.
Many users were confused by the number of filters on the art styles page.
Some users found the artist pages cluttered with text, images, tags, and social icons.
Final Polished Designs
High Fidelity Prototypes
Main user flow on mobile device.
Main user flow on large desktop
Accessibility Considerations
All color combinations are tested to comply with the WCAG 2.1 Level AA
Colors have been tested to be compatible and distinguishable for people with colorblindness.
I assumed that finding a place to get a tattoo would be a straight forward process. However, I found that it often started with recommendations. Then it veered into a circular path of visiting tattoo shop websites then finding artists and looking them up on Instagram and repeating these steps until they had the confidence to book and appointment.
I learned that people use very different way to find what tattoo they want to put on their body. I found that they all involved a number of steps. Making a website for a tattoo shop that helps the customer feel confident and reassured was a challenge.
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